Scientific Progress Goes B.O.I.N.C.!

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Today, I’d like to have my readers entertain the above notion, reminiscent of a Calvin and Hobbes strip, and also a book by the same name by Bill Watterson. In this case, though, I’m referring to an amazing program which I have been running on many machines that I’ve owned over the years. The program name itself stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing.

To make a long story short, it uses the otherwise idle clock cycles that your computer produces in order to run highly detailed simulations of reality or to crunch data for processor intensive science being conducted around the world.

The program can consume as much or as little of your computing resources as you like, and you may choose to support a vast array of scientific projects being run on almost every continent in many different nations.

The program never devours computing assets that you need to use for applications or games, and the hard disk space that it requires are so miniscule that it’s a joke to even consider it. I gave my BOINC 10 gigabytes of space on my 1 Terabyte drive and it lavishes in a luxurious volume that an emperor would blush to have.

On my computer, I like to run BOINC “attached” to two projects to ensure that I’m always contributing to the advancement of science and human knowledge. I always run two projects because there’s going to be times, no matter how rare and short, that a project will suffer some technical error and will be down for some period of time. The two projects I like to run are cosmology@home and rosetta@home.

The first project attempts to discover the cosmological model that best describes the universe in which we find ourselves. To better understand and therefore better predict various events on all scales in our universe will result in advancements and technologies for our centuries distant descendents that our feeble little minds cannot even comprehend, much less imagine. The latter project, rosetta@home, is a little closer to our hearts and spirits.

This scheme runs hugely detailed simulations of proteins to discover how they interact with each other and how they might be utilized. This knowledge of the base functions of the processes of life will result in techniques and therapies to combat cancers, malaria, HIV and many other shortcomings of the human condition.

There are a great many applications you can attach BOINC to, and at least one that is a catchall computer grid for whoever needs some computing muscle at the time for any given science goal at all.

Please, good readers, follow the link that I have provided at the bottom, download the program, install it, attach it to 2 or more projects that you think are worthy of your support and join team LogixGeer. Know that by doing this you are helping to increase the knowledge of humankind and ensure not only the continuation of our race, but to increase its prosperity as well.

I hope for a day when every nation must deal with the obese consequences of having too much food laying around and the minor annoyance of space that must be solved because everyone is living long, high quality lives.

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