Formula One Fans Are Truly Supersonic!

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Combining the technology of a jet with the agility of a car, Formula has created a loyal international adrenaline-addicted base of super speed automotive junkies!

Unlike its more well-known American form, NASCAR, Formula 1 or Formula one (even simply F1) is tremendously popular outside of the United States. Yet, F1 has grown to be a high end sport generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue worldwide.

The sport has the stylish image of dashing millionaire drivers like Lewis Hamilton, beautiful track girls, huge Grand Prix races, roaring engines, macho Pirelli tires and celebrity brand sponsors like McLaren, Ferrari, and Red Bull. But, according to Florida-based mechanical engineer and coffee entrepreneur Josh Austin, technology is what makes Formula one unique.

“The technology that Formula 1 cars utilize is second to none. Very often, high end/state of the art technology/materials is first created for Formula 1 racing and eventually ends up in production cars,” says Austin. Furthermore, “F1 could be bigger in the US, if it could offer more than just one race in the U.S.” he said.

Austin specifies his top ten reasons for Formula 1 over NASCAR:

1. It takes more skill to drive a Formula 1 car.
2. The technology required to build a Formula 1 car is top notch.
3. The race tracks are not all ovals/tri-ovals.
4. There is something special about a race car that has a 6 or 8 cylinder engine that revs to 22,000 RPM and generates so much power
5. The sound the cars make.
6. The precision with which the pit crews have to operate to insure a successful race
7. The superior braking system.
8. Amount of down force the cars generate is enough to allow them to drive upside down at a certain speed.
9. Strict requirements teams have to adhere to (use a single engine for 2 races, etc.)
10. There exist both individual championship and team championships.

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