Fewer Accidents Because Of Road Surveillance Devices

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Reckless behavior is not just a part and parcel of teenage life. When it comes to driving, North Americans are among the worst drivers in the World, and Montrealers and Quebec in general are said to be the worst drivers in Canada. Reckless driving leads to many minor, to serious injuries, and ultimately death in Montreal, Canada, and the USA each year.

On average there are6,000,000 car accidents in the USA each year, and over 3 million people get seriously hurt from these accidents. There are roughly 160,000 road accidents in Canada each year.

There were fewer accidents reported in 2008, than in the previous year, in Montreal because of the road safety policy adopted by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM). The totally fatal accidents dropped down by 13.5%.

Road surveillance systems

With the newest technology out today we learn that the original models have been scaled down to portable size and police cruisers can store them in their vehicles while going about their daily work. This means that they can catch the offender immediately on the road without waiting for a stationary printout and then having to trace the license plate back to the driver. The mobile models are also more cost efficient because they are smaller.

Some of these newer mobile systems are being employed more and more around the world. In British Columbia, Canada they are starting to use these mobiles surveillance systems equipped with an audio system that sounds off when a license plate is detected for a car on the “hot list.”

There are problems though; the mobile readers must be fast enough to catch a car speeding at 100 miles an hour. They must also be able to produce a clean image and text in inclement weather, and at any time of the day or night. The positioning angle of the camera to license plate and the systems own wavelengths must be able to bring in a clear resolution to make the readout viable.

These highway patrol surveillance units must also be able to simultaneously survey multiple lanes at a time. Some systems are now equipped with multiple cameras to be able to solve that issue effectively.

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