Compassion: Humanity’s Ultimate Solution

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What is the solution to all problems: the ultimate solution? Is it more jobs, a better economy, better healthcare, no teen pregnancies, electric cars, or anything to do with fixing the external ills? This is where most of the focus is, on temporarily alleviating symptoms of low consciousness, constantly propagated by politicians and mass media.

But the real cure, which cures the root of our problems is changing consciousness. More specifically, we must transform our competitive consciousness into one of pure compassion.

This is an undeniable truth, that compassion will cure humanity on both the personal and global scale, understanding compassion as the ability to feel deeply the suffering of others and feel compelled to alleviate it.

How? How can we possibly turn people into Mother Teresa and Dalai Lamas? Here’s one idea: inventing a technology and/or drug alongside a mental training program that creates the neural circuits, or brain cell connections, required for compassionate being.

Being a tad more specific: imagine the possibility that neuroscientists synthesized a drug that makes the brain ten-times more malleable, substantially more neuro-plastic. Further, when someone is introduced to a particular stimulus after taking the drug, such as a brain-synchronizing soundtrack using stereo headphones, their brains would drastically change in reaction to it.

The neurons would grow vastly different and permanent synaptic connections between both brain hemispheres. Basically this program would generate new synapses from the prefrontal cortex (behind the forehead) to the rest of the brain, which we call “brain integration,” connecting all the different parts of the brain.

This idea was mentioned by Daniel Siegel, an interpersonal neurobiologist, who wrote Mindsight . Dr. Siegel formed a particular meditation practice that eventually leads to brain integration.

There are other people, very bright educated people, who have the uncommon sense to focus in this area, such as Jon Kabat-Zinn and Richard Davidson. Richard Davidson, in particular, is a pioneer in the discipline of affective neuroscience.

He conducted one research project involving putting Tibetan Buddhist monks with a minimum of 10,000 hours of meditation through an MRI that measures the activation of certain areas in the brain, particularly in the left prefontal cortex where happiness and compassion arise.

He noticed that these long-term meditators had this activation much more than non-meditators. This implies that compassion, especially happiness, is a skill that one can acquire through mental training. Here is a Google presentation where he presents this research project among others.

Overall, everything else that does not dig to the source of all problems–the brain–will not solve social problems. All else is damage control. The vast majority of people (including me) have a mental illness that is deemed “normal.” It is called fear. Fear manifests as greed and desire for domination, which is embedded in our American culture, the seeds of our competitive mindset.

Until we understand that compassionate cooperation as the next step in our evolution in consciousness, we will continually feel insatiable unfulfilling desires. We will continue to be consumers, not real human beings, ran by conditioned unconsciousness. It may help if politicians understood this and dedicated their talks on how to create more compassion in the world.

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